What colour should I choose for my kitchen? This year, there are many fashionable colours fighting it out to be the main colour in your kitchen. Whether your style is modern, chic, arty or even retro; there are plenty of options available to make sure that your next kitchen reflects your personality.

Let’s take a quick look at the most fashionable kitchen ideas and colours for 2022.

Bright and timeless: the white kitchen

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The colour white is always associated with cleanliness and is a safe choice for any home. In a matt finish the white kitchen offers a more soothing environment and makes the room appear larger. As for a Gloss White Kitchen, it reflects the light better which helps create a crisp and professional look

Depending on the materials chosen, the atmosphere will vary greatly. With a white tiled splashback, the modern kitchen can be transformed into virtually anything - a Californian restaurant, a french villa, etc. With a granite, ceramic or solid wood worktop, the kitchen becomes a place worthy of the world's greatest hotels.

The main advantage with a white kitchen is that you can be as imaginative as you like.You can create features that catch the eye, ie - colour pictures, plants, pottery or perhaps some open racks for spices and freshly made breads/ cakes.

Simplistic and welcoming: the white kitchen with wood



The white kitchen with wood is one of the best selling kitchen styles among kitchen providers. Pairing up the brightness of the white and the warmth of the wood, this kitchen immediately feels like a welcoming space where people can come together and spend some quality time.

While the current trend may be for a lighter coloured wood, the combination of dark wood and matt white, when used together with granite or slate, offers pioneering contrasts and textures for an extraordinary kitchen.

Revamping the Nordic kitchen: grey, white and pastel shades



The classic IKEA kitchen had many fans, but today’s homes are looking for a kitchen that is truly right for them. The Nordic style, with its clean lines and lighter colours, is gradually finding room for pastel shades and various flashes of inspiration such as tiling and splashbacks.
The kitchen of the 2010s, now seen as too impersonal, is taking on a more Southern flavour. By painting the doors of floor-level units a dark wine colour or lemon yellow for that Provençale feel, or even placing a new and easy-to-clean rug on the tiled floor of your revamped kitchen, you can create a contemporary kitchen on a low budget.

The unstoppable kitchen trend for 2022: mixing Art Deco with neo retro

Wallpaper is making a real comeback in bedrooms and living rooms, but let’s not forget the kitchen. Sage green, linen, dark blue and acidulous shades are just some of the colours for creating the new retro and Art Deco looks that make the modern kitchen more dynamic.

Large-scale patterns and designs have also found a place on our kitchen walls in 2022. Echoing the units in the rest of the kitchen, this decorative element is arranged on the same wall as the sink, above the splashback, with open shelving that guests can see.



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