Renting out an apartment with a well-equipped kitchen brings a host of benefits for landlords.  By selecting the right fitted kitchen for your rental property, you not only enhance its value but also boost profitability.


Striking the Balance: Durability, Elegance, and Cost


The challenge lies in finding the perfect balance between longevity, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness. Raison Home offers guidance in acquiring the ideal fitted kitchen for your accommodations.

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Strategising Kitchen Design for Short-Term Rentals


In holiday accommodations, tourists anticipate certain amenities, such as linens (towels, potholders), a kettle, microwave, toaster, ample tableware, and cookware to facilitate home-cooked meals.


On platforms like Airbnb, an appealing kitchen can significantly impact your booking rate.


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Small Touches, Big Differences


It's the subtle touches that distinguish your property from your neighbour's. These enhancements need not be expensive:


Harmonious aesthetics achieved through complementary colours, discreet storage, and consistent tableware selections in photographs.


An open or semi-open kitchen design with counters, bars, or central islands, suggesting an inviting space for gatherings.


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Well-distributed lighting for polished results and captivating photographs


Ingenious arrangement of equipment, with easily accessible microwave placement and strategically positioned coffee makers, evoking a sense of travel and leisure.


Key Considerations for a Profitable Kitchen


Tenants and tourists rarely prioritise the upkeep of rental kitchens.


For property owners, the pivotal criteria for a fitted kitchen is not its initial cost, but its durability. Opting for a kitchen that's low-maintenance helps minimise expenses related to cleaning, repainting, and repairs.


Long-term benefits outweigh upfront savings; a durable high-end kitchen often proves more cost-effective than a budget kitchen that demands frequent repairs or replacement every two years.


Criteria 1 - Resilience of Furniture and Equipment


The most susceptible element in a rental kitchen is the countertop. Opt for ceramic, granite or good quality laminate surfaces, which resist damage from moisture, temperature fluctuations, and impacts. Similarly, prioritise user-friendly appliances, such as microwaves with intuitive controls, and provide clear instructions for oven, dishwasher, and appliance use.


Criteria 2 - Ease of Upkeep


Simplify maintenance by reducing material variety and intricate crevices. Integrated sinks facilitate quick cleaning, while materials like stainless steel or laminate ensure both resilience and ease of cleaning.


Effective ventilation systems, such as extractors not only purify air but also protect wall paint from moisture.


Engaging a Home Designer proves highly beneficial, offering tailored advice. Raison Home's Home Designers provide comprehensive support throughout your renovation or rental kitchen purchase journey.


From initial plans to project completion, our experts ensure your rental property boasts a kitchen that's both functional and cost-effective.