The cooker hood stands as an indispensable component in any kitchen. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining air quality, safeguarding your splashback from stains, and swiftly dispelling unpleasant odours. Nonetheless, picking the perfect hood to complement your kitchen setup can seem like a formidable task. Raison Home is here to lend a guiding hand as we navigate the myriad of options available.


Installing an Extractor Hood: A Vital Ingredient for Healthy Cooking

While equipping a kitchen with proper ventilation is mandatory, the most time-honoured and straightforward approach is through the installation of an extractor hood.

Extractor hoods excel at banishing odours, shielding surfaces from grease accumulation, and capturing noxious vapours released during culinary endeavours. A high-performance kitchen hood not only keeps your kitchen cleaner but also ensures that odours are less likely to permeate an open-plan kitchen space.


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Key Considerations for Selecting a Kitchen Hood

Hood Size:

The dimensions of the hood are pivotal for achieving efficient air extraction. It should, at the very least, match the width and depth of your hob. An undersized hood will struggle to effectively eliminate smoke and odours. Furthermore, you must also account for the hob's placement. If your hob is along a wall, most hoods are suitable. However, if you have an island or peninsula hob, you'll need to opt for a ceiling-mounted hood, a downdraft extractor, or a specific hob style with a built-in extraction unit.

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Extraction System:

Kitchen hoods employ one of two extraction systems: evacuation or re-circulation. Evacuation extraction is the more efficient and quieter choice. It vents the air outside, similar to a conventional bathroom extractor fan. Recirculation extraction, on the other hand, is easier to install but less efficient. Air passes through carbon filters to purify it before returning it to the kitchen.


Last but not least, the hood's design plays an important role in harmonising with your kitchen's style. There are various hood types (wall-mounted, suspended, recessed, downdraft, etc.), offering a wide array of styles to complement your décor and personal preferences.


In Conclusion

Selecting the perfect kitchen hood involves a multitude of decisions, even if it may seem like just one or two at first. There's a lot to consider, given the diverse range of hoods available. To make this choice more straightforward, we invite you to consult with a Raison Home Home Designer near you, who can provide expert guidance and assistance.

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