Having an organised and aesthetically pleasing dressing room is a valuable asset for beginning each day with enthusiasm and energy. Your dressing room serves as more than just a storage area; it's a place where you prepare for the day ahead. 

Whether you have a dedicated dressing room or just a corner in your bedroom, crafting a space that inspires and motivates you can transform your morning routine into a genuine pleasure. Allow us to guide you on arranging a dressing room that will set the perfect tone for starting each day with vitality and zeal.


Organise your functional space

An inspiring wardrobe begins with functional organisation, ensuring you can effortlessly locate clothes suitable for the weather, your plans, and your mood. Start by categorising your clothing items (shirts, pants, dresses, etc.) and store them for easy access. Utilise hangers for hanging garments and shelves for neatly folding items like sweaters or t-shirts. Consider using storage drawers or boxes for accessories like jewellery, scarves, and belts. Thoughtful organisation streamlines your morning routine, allowing you to find your desired outfit promptly and without unnecessary time wasted.


Play with colours and lighting

Morning delight in your dressing room isn't solely about functionality; the visual ambiance also significantly influences your mood. Select colours that resonate with you and uplift your spirits. Bright hues and pastel tones can infuse your space with a fresh and cheerful aura. Lighting plays a pivotal role as well. Opt for soft, warm lighting to cultivate a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. Most importantly, strategically position the lighting around the mirror so you can easily assess whether your appearance reflects your daily mood and aligns with your plans for the day.





Add custom touches

Your dressing room should exude your personality and preferences. Don't hesitate to infuse it with personal touches through decorative elements like paintings, stylish mirrors, or colourful carpets. Consider showcasing some of your favourite accessories, such as handbags or shoes, to add a touch of glamour to the overall ambiance. This personalised approach will transform your dressing room into a space that truly resonates with your style and brings you joy each morning.


Dressing gris de style contemporain à Bordeaux 02


Keep your closet tidy

Once you've brought your dream dressing room to life with the assistance of your personal Home Designer, it's essential to maintain its tidiness and organisation. Dedicate a few minutes each day to returning clothes to their designated spots and stowing away accessories. An orderly dressing room will ensure that you commence each day with serenity and a positive mindset.


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To fulfil your expectations of a dressing room that mirrors your personality and serves as a source of daily well-being, Raison Home has carefully selected partners capable of delivering bespoke solutions. Whether it's tailoring furniture dimensions to optimise your available space, offering storage insights, or providing practical accessories that enhance your convenience, your dressing room will be entirely unique and designed to meet your needs.

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